about me

The mysteries of the subconscious fascinated me from an early age. As a young teenager in Charlotte, NC, I spent a lot of time poring over psychology books, intrigued by how past experiences could influence our entire lifetimes. I learned that the more you understand about how your subconscious operates, the more empowered you are when making life choices. By age 16 I had read every self-help book out there, hooked on the idea of self-improvement. Of course not having really “experienced” life beyond high school, I was a little ahead of myself.

My interest in psychology led me to minor in the field at Queens University in Charlotte. Following that I moved to New York in 2001 and in the years that followed I came to the realization that there was more to self-actualization than the science of the mind. I expanded my studies beyond psychology, taking classes in energy work, art therapy, music therapy and various religions. I realized there were many ways to get balanced and centered. The key is that you have to want to get there and you have to be ready to work for it. For me some of the work was fun, some of it was difficult and all of worth it.

In 2010, I discovered life coaching and recognized that its focus on partnership was perfect for my strengths—helping others by offering incisive, practical and impartial guidance and by sharing relevant experiences from my own history. What better way to make everything I have experienced even more meaningful? Life coaching also enables me to show people how the subconscious holds sway over their lives, harkening back to my original passion for psychology. So I started my practice, Get Balanced and Centered, specializing in coaching women, especially those open to multiple schools of thoughts, like eastern philosophy, art therapy and holistic treatment.

After years of living in Manhattan I now live in Brooklyn, NY. When I’m not working I’m usually at yoga or Pilates, on a meditation retreat or enjoying an extra spicy Bloody Mary.

Jessica Sarter--after zip-lining and not getting killed...


  • Certified as a professional coach by the International Coach Federation; program included 140 hours of classes, mentor coaching and peer coaching.
  • Reiki master/teacher certification under Geordie Numata at Deer Spirit Reiki; Reiki Level 1 and 2 certification under the tutelage of Ana and Carlos Gonzalez at the International Center for Reiki Training.
  • Majored in communications at Queens University, Charlotte, NC, and minored in psychology. Courses included developmental psychology, abnormal psychology, psychology of learning, social psychology, psychopathology of children and sociology of family.

additional coursework

  • Rhythm and Role – Unmasking the Essential Self (use of art, music, drama and movement therapy in working with patients) and The Dynamics of Arts Materials (how art materials are used in a therapeutic setting to assess, diagnose and treat patients) in the New School’s creative arts therapy program
  • The Voice of Trauma, An Integrative Music Therapy Approach to Treating Trauma (how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of people in recovery and how to transform resistant sub-personalities commonly found in traumatized individuals through vocal giving and receiving) at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health under Louise Montello
  • Training in Performance Wellness, Level 1 and 2 (advanced music therapy techniques with cutting-edge research and practices from behavioral medicine, yoga science and depth psychology) at Performance Wellness, Inc.