Reiki for Bedtime

Reiki for bedtime!!

Evenings between 6p-9p (last appointment at 8p)

November 6 – November 20

1 hour session for $50

Having trouble falling asleep?  Do you spend the day wishing you could crawl into bed only to get there and toss and turn all night? Reiki can help you sleep better by promoting relaxation and calming the nervous system.  In this session we will focus on helping you leave the stress of the day behind and move you peacefully into the night so your body can do the important work of repairing itself.

We will begin with a sage smudging to clear away any unwanted energies of the day followed by a one hour Reiki treatment.  You’ll breathe in the calming benefits of lavender oil while listening to comforting music and prepping your mind and body for bedtime.  You will leave feeling pampered and relaxed!


Thanksgiving Prep Coaching!!!

We all have the talks with ourselves before the holidays – “This year I will not react to her husband,” “I won’t tell them that I have hated that pie since I was a kid,” or “I’m going to actually enjoy myself for a change.” And yet time and again we crack!! How does such a beautiful time of year lead to so much stress and drama? It’s because family gatherings are rife with old behaviors, lingering resentments and years of saying nothing!

No matter how much you have evolved this year there is no greater test than being among the people you created your original patterns with! It makes it so easy to slip back into that old persona you are trying to grow out of. That’s why I’m offering this 3-part express coaching program to get you through it! We’ll spend the first two sessions discussing your anxieties and desires for the upcoming holiday. What are your triggers and how can you recognize them before they take over? What are you excited for and how can you feel peaceful without compromising your own needs? Finally, on Thanksgiving morning we will do a 30 minute coaching call to get you feeling grounded and focused on the day ahead. By having a strategy ahead of time you will go into the day feeling focused and positive!

First two sessions are 45min and can be done at Awakening NY or over the telephone. Third session is 30min on the telephone. Begins November 6. Thanksgiving call can be done the night before as well. $150 for 3 sessions.