Stir Fry to Keep You Sexy!


You’ll need…

3 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon garlic
One head cauliflower
Broccoli (steamed or cut into small pieces)
One large onion – cut into big pieces
Reg green yellow orange peppers -cut into long pieces
Bean sprouts
* any other veggies you like
Soy sauce
Red pepper flakes
Toasted sesame seeds


This is a great idea for meatless Monday but I wanted to get this post up in case anyone is going grocery shopping today. I love stir fry but all of that rice leaves me bloated and just adds calories that do nothing for you. So my favorite thing to do now is to use cauliflower that is ground up in a food processor.  It’s rice for low-carb people!

A couple of people have asked about this recipe and I will do my best to describe how I make it. It’s kind of something I do a little differently each time so feel free to go with your gut as you make it.The only way to mess it up is by letting it get too much liquid in it. This recipe takes about 12-15 minutes on the stove, depending on how well you like your veggies cooked.

I usually use about one head of cauliflower cut into florets.  But you can adjust that depending on how much you need.  Some recipes will say to soften it in the microwave before you grind it up but I think that makes it too mushy, especially for this dish.
Fill your processor with cauliflower and pulse it until it has a rice consistency. You can see the consistency of it in the picture. It is better to do this slowly. Do not turn on the processor and just let it go on its own.  This can quickly turn from rice consistency to a mashed potato consistency if you’re not careful! There are some good videos that demonstrate how to do this online.  Once it is done just set it aside.


In in a nonstick pan heat up some olive oil and garlic. After a minute add  peppers.  I like to use multiple colors because it looks pretty and it tastes better. Peppers take the longest to cook so put them in first and let them cook for a few minutes by themselves. I also like to add broccoli that I already steamed ahead of time (love those microwave steam bags!). Throw in your onions and beans sprouts and any other vegetables you like as well.  Coat veggies with soy sauce. Place a piece of foil over the pan to help the vegetables get a little softer but watch closely as you don’t want them to lose their crunch.



I also like to add some red pepper flakes which is something you can adjust to your own taste.  Once your vegetables are almost finished you can fold in the cauliflower rice and cook uncovered for another couple minutes.  At this point you can also add more soy sauce so that everything is evenly coated.  You have to be careful with this because the caulilower can easily turn soggy if you have too much liquid.  So just add it in slowly, with enough to absorb into the food but not so much that it’s just sitting in the pan. Once everything is mixed and hot you’re done.


Place in a bowl and there you have dinner! I love to sprinkle mine with toasted sesame seeds which you can usually find at your grocery store. You can eat two big bowls of this and still put on your jeans tomorrow morning 🙂

Moving On and Stepping In

Hello, below is an article of mine from this month’s edition of Wild Sister magazine.  I highly encourage you to check out the whole magazine too!

Moving on and Stepping In

By Jessica Sarter

What is it about the phrase moving on that can sound so depressing? When I hear it I think about leaving something behind. Saying goodbye or letting something go. And this has a sadness to it and a feeling of loss. Which isn’t how I feel at this point in my life although I am saying goodbye to a few things. Rather than see it as the process of leaving I realize that for me, moving on means stepping into something new.

I don’t generally make New Year’s resolutions as I am constantly in a state of looking for new things to do, evaluating where I’ve been and wondering what surprises may come. Plus January does nothing to inspire me. It’s cold, I feel chubby and I’m broke. But as fate would have it this is a transitional time for me. I am at a crossroad in several places of my life, and find myself moving on from the girl I see myself as and stepping into the woman I already am.

A recent job promotion has put me in a place of deep reflection about how far I have come and how far I can go. For a long time I had a job where I was a bit removed from the day to day and had a few layers of people between me to act as buffers from total responsibility and accountability. I now have a job where I have to make decisions that matter, where I am the actual voice and decision maker.

I’ve at least come far enough to know that this job was not offered to me by accident and to not have the fears that I once held that any success I had was a fluke.  I do know that I’m supposed to be here.   However the real change for me is matching my internal self with my external self. For most of my life I have always been somewhat shy and hesitant to speak at work.  I’m not sure I’m always perceived that way but inside it was a struggle.

I am usually the only female in a room full of men and have tried to do the tap dance of not being a bitch, not being a pushover, being attractive and not acting like I want to be attractive.  Many women will understand this constant jumping around as a way to not offend anyone, as an attempt to please everyone and as an exhausting exercise!  My fear of being wrong, my internal conversations about what others thought of me and perhaps an underlying fear of physical domination have always kept my words, my tone and my volume at bay.

I feel that I have moved on from so many things already, and left behind old ways of thinking and existing that the real challenge for me is stepping into the person that is naturally developing as I mature.  How do I merge what was and what I want? How do I mix the emerging parts of me with those that are my foundation? I don’t want to bite my tongue any longer and I don’t want to keep my thoughts to myself. I don’t want to have to speak in a way that doesn’t reflect my own inner-power. I mean it took me forever to find it. If I don’t start letting it out now then when?  Yet I feel like it all has to be packaged into some kind of mold so that I have a plan for what I’m doing.

It occurs to me as I write that perhaps my perfectionist tendencies are holding me back.  I find that I am trying too hard to define what my new role means for me as woman rather than getting in there and just piecing it together.  Like an artist that keeps sketching out outlines and discarding the pages, I keep trying to map how to welcome the woman into the girl. I feel like until I know exactly what I’m doing I just don’t want to try anything. Which, obviously, will not get me anywhere.

Perfectionism is one of those things that has been both a beneficial motivator and a detrimental force in my life.  I may win a battle in one arena only to find it then crops up in another. A wonderful teacher of mine, Louise Montello, taught me about “polarized perfectionism.” She worked with musicians to overcome performance anxiety but the parallels for myself were certainly clear. As she said, “Perfectionism isn’t all bad. It sustains the creative fire that fuels our desire to give the very best that we can. But problems arise when perfectionism becomes polarized and we reject the vulnerable, intensely human aspects of the self. “Polarized perfectionists” are those individuals who seem to be wedded to left hemispheric brain activity. They are product, rather than process oriented in their approach to learning and performing music. They rely primarily on external, as opposed to self-generated, feedback.”

Louise and I  spoke about how these tendencies could keep me from moving forward in life and how the need to be perfect can hinder our own self-development because we are so afraid of not doing it right, not being perfect that we just abandon what we want all together.  I’m trying to figure out who the new career me needs to look like – what does she wear, how does she respond to this or that, can she still tell dirty jokes or should she take a more standoffish stance?

As I grow older I care more about being able to protect myself, to be self-sufficient and to not lose all that I have worked for. These were certainly not my concerns in my twenties.  At least not to the extent that I worried about who I would become.  And I find that looking back I have slowly grown through different experiences and that I have created who I am through that.  I didn’t go into the business world with any set vision and game plan of how I would handle everything. No, I got there and took it as it came.

There comes a time where you have to shed that skin of familiarity. While it has been with me for so long, I know that it no longer fits and I don’t want to wear it anymore.  My mother used to say that sometimes when she looked in the mirror she was surprised to see the reflection looking back at her. The thoughts and feelings inside her head were those that she had when she was much younger and the mirror was a reminder that while the inside was the same, time actually was moving on.  And this is something I relate to now and something I have to fight remind myself so that I can push forward.

The girl inside of me is not what the world sees and is not who they are responding to.  I am not that young girl who BS’d her way into a job, or someone who has to take crap because I need the money or someone who has to play cute so as not to intimidate anyone. I am not the little girl teetering around the house trying to walk in high heels but instead the woman who wears the hell out heels (and nice ones too!). To the outside world I am already an adult and a woman that does great things. The woman is already there, I just have to step in.
















Roasted Vegetables for Amateurs

For meatless Monday I’ve got this awesome pan of  yumminess going into the oven. It tastes incredible and is super easy to make. Get about 6 yukon potatoes, 6 red potatoes, one red onion, 1 large sweet potato, a couple of carrots, 2 cups butternut squash, 1 parsnip and 2 cups of Brussel sprouts. Cut everything so it’s roughly the same size (so it will all cook evenly), coat lightly with olive oil and add a tablespoon of diced garlic (less if you don’t love garlic like I do).  Cover top layer with Italian seasoning, salt and pepper and most importantly FRESH rosemary (I use about 5 stalks). Cook uncovered at 400F for about 20 mins, give everything a stir and cook another 20 mins. Cooking time may vary. I like to broil mine at the end so everything gets a bit of crispness and a slightly charred taste. Looks like too much work for just one? The best part of this dish is that it’s even better the next day!


roasted veg pic

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Ridiculously Good Roasted Cauliflower

This is one of my favorite dishes and a great idea for a meatless Monday dish courtesy of Bon Appetit.

Rather than using the goat cheese recipe I use Dr. Cow Tree Nut Cheese (Cream Cashew) which is an alternative cheese made from cashews. It is dairy free so it’s good for the environment, for the animals and for your overall sexiness! I whip it up with some drops of truffle oil and fresh rosemary and it is dee-lish!

Cauliflower is often overlooked in the cool veggie category but if you are trying to go low-carb this is a great substitute for rice or potatoes and can be cooked to mimic the consistency of both. But roasted cauliflower is just awesome.

Cauliflower is a proven immunity booster because of its high levels of antioxidants, which we can all use more of during flu season. It is also well known for detoxifying the body by activating enzymes in the liver. And we can definitely use some extra detoxing during the holiday party season!! Enjoy!!


If It Was Easy Everyone Would Do It!!

Okay I like to be motivational but I’m also a realist. December probably isn’t the time to kick off your new health program. But it’s also not the time to let the work you’ve done all year fall to pieces either. For me, December is about maintaining. There’s a lot more parties which just means you are going to have to work through some hangovers on that treadmill. The good news is that it will help rid your body of toxins, you’ll drink even more water which will get you feeling better and it’ll put some color back into your face! You’ll be all set to go out again!

Whether you are going somewhere or you have visitors the hardest thing to do is keep to your fitness schedule. But you have to keep that commitment to yourself for a few reasons. One is that you don’t want to have to start all over again with the rest of the world in January. Two is that it will be the difference between gaining 5 pounds this season or 15. Three it will keep you sane. Yes, at the moment it is just one more thing you are trying to fit into your schedule. But if you have ever heard yourself say that working out keeps your head in a good place it’s because working out keeps your head in a good place! So don’t stop doing the one thing that makes you feel good during a stressful time of the year.

We all do a lot of giving right now and even when it’s fun it can still be draining on your body and mind. Don’t forget to give to yourself as well.

Is it easier to give than to get?

Yesterday I worked as a Reiki volunteer for people in recovery.  A lot of people say how good I am for donating my time and that it takes a lot of generosity and motivation to do things for other people. But I have to say that it doesn’t really take a lot for me to help others.  I’ve always found it harder to give myself such gifts.  I’m always impressed by the people who show up to take care of themselves because I know how hard that can be.  The men and women who came yesterday walked into a new building on their own and for many it was their first time trying Reiki. In my opinion that’s the hard part – doing something for yourself.  I can give Reiki sessions all day and spend all night coaching people on the phone.  But when it comes time to meditate, exercise or do something that I KNOW is going to make me feel great sometimes I really have to push myself.  Are you more motivated to take care of others than taking care of yourself? When you look back on the last few days where does your self-care fall on the list compared to everyone else in your life?

Your Body IS Your Home

I’m always amazed by how much people give to the care and maintenance of their homes in proportion to their own self-care.  They dust and mop regularly, spend money they “don’t have” on upgrades and will clean out the garage when it becomes packed with too much junk. Yet when it comes to our bodies, the home we carry with us for our whole lives, we can be quite lazy.  When is the last time you cleaned your body out with a good sweat? Or spent money on something that would improve your well-being? How about your mind? Have you spent some time working on clearing the clutter of unnecessary chatter in there? It’s probably a safe bet to say you have lived in more than one home.  Your mind and body are where YOU reside no matter what.  Take care of them.

Discipline, Organization and Cookies Workshop

Discipline, Organization and Cookies!

Sunday, November 17 from 3pm-5:30pm.

Suggested contribution is $25.

“I just need to put a plan together so I can get back on track.”

“I have 10 projects going and nothing is getting done on any of them because I can’t get organized.”

“If I made a schedule at the beginning of the week for which days I would work out than I could get it done.”

“At this point I’ll just wait until New Years to start…”

Sound familiar? Not only is self-discipline tough but making lists and creating schedules is boring! That’s why I’m putting together this workshop where we will spend time going over your goals and priorities in a fun and supportive group setting (with treats!).  It’s not easy getting that list made at the end of the workday and who wants to create an exercise calendar when you can be watching bad tv instead?

In this workshop we will create order from the chaos of everything you want to accomplish, discuss the hurdles that keep you from getting them done and get a glimpse of the future You.  Get yourself centered before the holidays and go into the New Year feeling awesome about yourself!!