If It Was Easy Everyone Would Do It!!

Okay I like to be motivational but I’m also a realist. December probably isn’t the time to kick off your new health program. But it’s also not the time to let the work you’ve done all year fall to pieces either. For me, December is about maintaining. There’s a lot more parties which just means you are going to have to work through some hangovers on that treadmill. The good news is that it will help rid your body of toxins, you’ll drink even more water which will get you feeling better and it’ll put some color back into your face! You’ll be all set to go out again!

Whether you are going somewhere or you have visitors the hardest thing to do is keep to your fitness schedule. But you have to keep that commitment to yourself for a few reasons. One is that you don’t want to have to start all over again with the rest of the world in January. Two is that it will be the difference between gaining 5 pounds this season or 15. Three it will keep you sane. Yes, at the moment it is just one more thing you are trying to fit into your schedule. But if you have ever heard yourself say that working out keeps your head in a good place it’s because working out keeps your head in a good place! So don’t stop doing the one thing that makes you feel good during a stressful time of the year.

We all do a lot of giving right now and even when it’s fun it can still be draining on your body and mind. Don’t forget to give to yourself as well.