Is it easier to give than to get?

Yesterday I worked as a Reiki volunteer for people in recovery.  A lot of people say how good I am for donating my time and that it takes a lot of generosity and motivation to do things for other people. But I have to say that it doesn’t really take a lot for me to help others.  I’ve always found it harder to give myself such gifts.  I’m always impressed by the people who show up to take care of themselves because I know how hard that can be.  The men and women who came yesterday walked into a new building on their own and for many it was their first time trying Reiki. In my opinion that’s the hard part – doing something for yourself.  I can give Reiki sessions all day and spend all night coaching people on the phone.  But when it comes time to meditate, exercise or do something that I KNOW is going to make me feel great sometimes I really have to push myself.  Are you more motivated to take care of others than taking care of yourself? When you look back on the last few days where does your self-care fall on the list compared to everyone else in your life?