Discipline, Organization and Cookies Workshop

Discipline, Organization and Cookies!

Sunday, November 17 from 3pm-5:30pm.

Suggested contribution is $25.

“I just need to put a plan together so I can get back on track.”

“I have 10 projects going and nothing is getting done on any of them because I can’t get organized.”

“If I made a schedule at the beginning of the week for which days I would work out than I could get it done.”

“At this point I’ll just wait until New Years to start…”

Sound familiar? Not only is self-discipline tough but making lists and creating schedules is boring! That’s why I’m putting together this workshop where we will spend time going over your goals and priorities in a fun and supportive group setting (with treats!).  It’s not easy getting that list made at the end of the workday and who wants to create an exercise calendar when you can be watching bad tv instead?

In this workshop we will create order from the chaos of everything you want to accomplish, discuss the hurdles that keep you from getting them done and get a glimpse of the future You.  Get yourself centered before the holidays and go into the New Year feeling awesome about yourself!!