Life Coaching    life coaching

One 45-minute session – $90
Five 45-minute sessions – $375 ($75 per session)
Ten 45-minute sessions – $600 ($60 per session)

Life coaching sessions are 45 minutes (unless otherwise discussed).

Reiki     reiki

One 60-minute session – $90
Three 60-minute sessions – $225 ($75 per session)

Reiki for moms-to-be – $60 per session

Reiki for pets – $60 per session

Reiki sessions are 60 minutes (unless otherwise discussed).


special packages

Guardian Angel
Is there something you want to do but are afraid to try alone?  Like getting on a horse after a bad fall decades ago, reading your poem out loud at an open-mike night, or attempting to ice skate for the first time? Sometimes what’s keeping us from trying is not our fear of the event but the fear of doing it alone.  Ask me about the Guardian Angel package, which consists of three life-coaching sessions plus allowing you to do that activity you are afraid of, all the while knowing you have someone (me!) close by cheering you on.  (Rates vary.)


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